Whatever the type of start-up (start a marine aquariumstart a reef aquarium or start a seawater aquarium), daphbio is the partner of the biological balance of your aquarium.

For this, we recommend the use of our starter product (daphbio starter kit) whether with live rock or inert, rock inert we mean for example the Aquaroche or any other type of ceramic or dead rock.


Thanks to our protocol your aquarium can start in 4 weeks, without harmful, if you decide to leave on inert rock.
That's all the benefit of making this choice when starting your aquarium - but if you want to go on live rock, our starter kit will do the job also, it will just take into account the management of the unwanted who would arrive with them.

In future articles, we will discuss each step needed to successfully implement your reef aquarium.

Each important step will be approached, choice of the aquarium, advice on the arrangement of the decoration, first water added. In short, everything that makes you quickly come to enjoy your reef aquarium with the addition of our products to keep it healthy and biologically.

At daphbio we have a real passion for aquariums and aquariology. We wish to accompany you in this adventure and this crucial step that is the reef start, the marine start or the seawater start for your aquarium.

This first note is very brief, but we wanted to share with you this wonderful adventure that is to start a marine aquarium, whether reef or dedicated to seawater fish

Next note: A reef aquarium at home? and why not !