Prepare the holidays with daphbio !!!

With the reseeding kit, make sure you prepare for the holidays with a tailor-made seeding of the microfauna to bring a boost during your lifetime, during your vacation period.

The seawater daphbio® reseeding kit reproduces the trophic chain as it can be observed in the natural environment in the reefs. Through its 3 bottles, daphbio® offers a coherent whole integrating bacteria, diversified microfauna, zooplankton and phytoplankton.

Coral Booster is the ideal complement with the reseeding kit, that's why we offer it with this kit.

For any order ... 1 second gift for a total of 2 gifts

To thank you for your trust and your recommendations between reefists.

To order: re-seeding kit for aquarium microfauna of seawater and reef