Bactoreef® is a specific set of living seawater bacteria for startup or maintenance.

Regulates the cycle of biological nitrogen.

Regulates NO3 & PO4.

Eliminates waste.

Prevents the stones suffocation.

Capacity: 250 ml


Bactoreef® instructions

1 ml per 100 liters every day or every two days.
Warning, in case of overdosage, there is a risk of bacterial bloom (the aquarium becomes white). In this case, immediatly connect an air diffuser.
The pschitt opening is normal, so is the acidulated scent.

Store in fridge
Do not swallow

From sea to your aquarium all is about living beings

An aquarium without bacteria can not work, life can settle in our aquariums only with the presence of bacteria.

Bacteria role in the reef aquarium

LPS corals, soft corals and SPS (soft coral) need bacteria in their diet to ensure their digestion and growth. They are necessary for their metabolism for better assimilation. They exctract form bacteria essential nutrients for their growth and well being. It is useless to distribute too much food if you do not give the necessary bacteria for the assimilation of this food.

A 100 % organic and alive product, dedicated and powerfull

Wishing to develop a customized product for the reef aquarium, Daphbio® worked with a comocker to search for specific seawater only bacteria. And to ensure the effectiveness of these bacteria, it is towards a bio conservation process lasting more than a year that the choice has stopped.
Thus was born "Bactoreef®" with its broad spectrum of saltwater only bacteria, which systematically reactivate and multiply once poured into the aquarium.

Bactoreef® is a 100 % organic ideal against diatoms, valonias the derbesias (which are a scourge in marine aquarium) but also against cyanos bacteria.
It is even more effective in combination with other Daphbio® products. But for conservation reasons, it was unfortunately not possible to integrate Bactoreef® bacterias directly in other products, which is why it was set apart.

Warning, Bactoreef is a living product, therefore powerful, respect the posology.

At the heart of the food chain of the reef aquarium

Bactoreef® fit perfectly in the food chain provided by Daphbio products. Associated with Microfauna Booster® Zoo Booster® in the startup stages but also for regular maintenance of the aquarium, it regulates the biological nitrogen cycle, reduces and converts the waste (garbage, organics). It turns toxic and deadly nitrite into nitrate and regulates NO3 & PO4.

Inadequate supply

On trouve majoritairement sur le marché une offre de bactéries dites polyvalentes (eau de mer et eau douce). Or dans les faits, seul nitrobacter est en réalité commune aux deux domaines. On trouve également des bactéries qui ont été enkystées, lyophilisées pour être conservées ce qui les rends difficilement activables en eau de mer compte-tenu de la salinité. D’autres sont en réalité des réacteurs à bactéries mais pas des bactéries. C’est pour proposer un produit vivant et uniquement dédié à l’aquarium d’eau de mer que Daphbio à créé Bactoreef®.

The market offers mainly a range of said versatile bacteria (sea water and fresh water). But in fact, only nitrobacter is actually common to both domains. Also there are bacteria that have been encysted, lyophilized to be preserved; making them very difficult to be activated by seawater, because of the salinity. Others are actually bacteria reactors but not bacteria. Daphbio created Bactoreef® to offer a living product only dedicated to the saltwater aquarium.

Usage tips

Bactoreef® cleans, sanitise organically the aquarium and feed the corals. These Daphbio bacteria perfectly supplement other products and even increase performance.
This is particularly the case with:

  • Microfauna Booster®: contains additional bacteria and thus increases the bacterial spectrum.
  • Zoo Booster®: in addition to its bacteria which complement the spectrum of bacteria, Bactoreef® bacteria feed microfauna provided by Zoo Booster.
  • Anti-cyanos Kit: for optimal efficiency, use Bactoreef® with Kit Anti Cyano and continue for 1 month or two.
  • Total Nutrition: that feeds coral and Bactoreef® helps digestion of corals.

Bactoreef® is to be used to start all types of saltwater aquariums.


Protocoles d'utilisation

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