Follow David’s example and discover reseeding

Published : 2019-01-14 16:09:55
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Follow David’s example and discover reseeding

He asked us about reseeding a highly diverse set of microfauna and meiofauna. We used a simple 500-ml reseeding kit, and we also suggested using Coral Booster to intensify the colour of his coral, by adding it into his maintenance routine, a VSV carbon source.

David’s conclusions after testing out daphbio products can be read below.

After using daphbio products, he believes his microfauna is more diversified, and that his copepods have grown. He told us his aquarium had benefited considerably from the addition of daphbio products.

Coral Booster grabbed his attention not only because of the growth and colour brought about, but also for the seeding of his carbon bacteria reactors, more effective and with fewer VSV injections. He is therefore satisfied with his daphbio products overall.

Remember that reseeding at least once a year should guarantee healthy microfauna in your reef aquarium.

The 3-product kit in the photo, or the daphbio Microfauna Meiofauna reseeding kit sold as 3 bottles, offers a coherent whole including bacteria, diversified microfauna in benthic form, and the zooplankton and phytoplankton crucial to maintaining balance in the chain.
Whether for starting up a reef or saltwater aquarium, or for reseeding, daphbio has a natural solution to help you.