Cyanobacteria : the guide

What are cyanobacteria ?

Halfway between algae and bacteria, cyanobacteria use light to grow, but also the minerals found in our aquariums including magnesium, micronutrients and calcium.

In aquarium nitrogened excretion of fish will enable them to bloom. They are both present in the too enriched aquariums. We have also seen their presence in oligotrophic aquariums where all settings are correct.

They are omnipresent in the Red Sea (hence the name)

Impact in reef aquarium

Their presence in reef aquarium is unfortunately detrimental to all occupants. Indeed cyanobacteria release toxins which rapidly wither corals such as SPS and LPS. Quickly more alarming signs will follow: scavengers, dead fish or dead shellfish.

You have to act before they kill all your residents.

How to eradicate them?

When cyanobacteria are settled in your aquarium, you have to step in :

1) Using a non-enriched salt. Unfortunately most salts are enriched and help the cyanobacteria development.

2) Stop during the treatment period, the additions of calcium, magnesium, micronutriments. Feed least one meal a day and that will be consumed in 2 minutes, be careful with your micro frozen crustaceans distributions, rinse it in a landing net, especially Artemia.

3) Using our anti cyanobacteria treatment.