Pack 3 products daphbio®

To maintain or start your marine aquarium, use the 3 complementary products

  • Zoo Booster®
  • Microfaune Booster®
  • Coral Booster®

A pack of 250 ml of products is suitable for 6 months in an aquarium of 100 to 150 liters (exists in 500 ml).

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Why Buy the full range of 3 Daphbio® products 

These living products are complementary: phytoplankton, zooplankton and global enrichment. They bring in synergy, all add-ins that your reef aquarium needs. If they find a refuge area to develop, micro organisms will recreate a true natural food chain in your aquarium.

With a 250ml kit , you have a  6 months treatment period for an aquarium from 100 to 150 liters.
You can also use this kit to start your aquarium.

Zoo Booster®

Zoo Booster® can reintroduce the zooplankton in the reef aquarium, feed the corals, fish and fry ... He will feed some filter feeders (sponges, clams, sea squirts) and zooplankton.
View Zoo Booster® data sheet.

Microfauna Booster®

Microfauna Booster® zooplankton will bring new strains to your system. It will feed the corals, sea fans, and micro-fauna in the aquarium. This (amphipods, mysis, or why not brine shrimp alive implanted in your refuge) finally will be a delight for fish that are found of living food, and may feed continuously, according to their appetite, as they would do in their natural habitat! And you shall offer a healthy and nutritious supplement for all your animals, in addition to the usual captivity to (frozen foods and / or dry) often too monotonous and poor in nutrients quality.
View Microfauna Booster® data sheet.

Coral Booster®

Feeding with "empty" prey is a useless effort, it is necessary that these prey are well fed and rich of good nutrients that will transmit to the predator. This is why the enrichment provided by CoralBooster® is essential. Composed of amino acids, trace elements, essential minerals, vitamins, bacteria and other living organisms, this product will deeply nourish all animalcules living in the aquarium and are prey for corals, invertebrates and fish.
View Coral Booster® data sheet.

No overdosage is to be expected with these living and natural products. In case of excessive dosage, micro beneficial organisms simply continue to grow according to their natural life.

Any dead prey will be eliminated by the skimmer or degraded by the aquarium nitrophilous bacteria. The water also remains crystal despite enrichment.
Bacteria, as well as nitrogen and carbon elements in the Coral Booster® energize and accentuate the biological filtration of live rock filtration and fluidized bed as the RAB Biopellets or activated carbon. This enrichment and the presence of live microorganisms (bacteria, phytoplankton and zooplankton) contained in our products is also widely beneficiary to the connected tanks wildlife refuges.

It is important to reseed the aquarium regularly with our live strains.

To purchase our products in three 250ml or 500ml, enjoy a special rate, including shipping.

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Based on 4 reviews

  • Brice C.
    Published 13/08/2020 à 23:54 (Order date: 02/08/2020)


  • Daniel D.
    Published 06/08/2020 à 12:49 (Order date: 24/07/2020)

    avis identique à l'autre très stisfait

  • Daniel D.
    Published 12/04/2020 à 17:19 (Order date: 01/04/2020)

    super produits toujours amélioré et toujours efficase

  • Laurent B.
    Published 05/04/2020 à 14:25 (Order date: 06/10/2019)

    Très bon produits

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