Bactokoi: a smooth exit from the winter period

Bactokoi: a smooth exit from the winter period

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Daphbio Innovation, specialist in Koi pond start-up and maintenance.

At the end of the winter your pond starts up or restarts with all the difficulties and dangers that this entails such as the increase in pollutants: nitrites, ammonia, nitrates, phosphates. This is why it is necessary to help your pond to go through this delicate stage with living, biological bacteria and especially specific to this very delicate period.

Freeze-dried or industrial bacteria from pet shops are not at all up to the task and can even be dangerous!

The start-up or restart at the end of the winter weakens your koi, they are exhausted and they need a very complete bacterial complex with a wide spectrum which will invigorate them from the inside and protect the surface of their body from viruses and pathogenic bacteria but which will also put your pond back on track in an efficient way to avoid a rise in nitrites and ammonia and mortality. BactoKoi double action: Innovation at the heart of the daphbio process system.

It is vital to strengthen the immune system of your Koi after the winter, but also to strengthen their gut microbiota so that your Koi can quickly return to normal feeding. Our BactoKoi product will provide your Koi with this essential extra. Our live bacteria will also stabilise the parameters of your pond to prevent a fatal rise in nitrite and ammonia for example.

If your pond is overcrowded with Koi, or if it is just plain overcrowded, start pouring 500 ml of BactoKoi per 10,000 litres of water as soon as your pond reaches 8-10 degrees and repeat the operation as soon as the water reaches 15 degrees. BactoKoi is poured directly into the pond, but if you have a high concentration of Koi, Love Carp, Tench, etc., also pour 500 ml into your filter media.

Indeed, after the winter period the filtering masses are clogged with dirt and the bacteria are encysted with the cold, that is why it is necessary to reactivate them thanks to our specific living bacteria and the activators present in Bactokoi

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