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Bactofresh® 250 ml

Bacteria to start, maintain and reset freshwater aquariums. Bactofresh is used to start up an aquarium, obtain the right levels of chemical compounds, regulate the nitrogen cycle, reduce ammonia and nitrites, and eliminate waste matter by bio-digestion.  Used in combination with Micro Macro Life, optimum decomposition of waste and aquarium plant growth will be obtained.   For impeccable water, substrate and aquariums.  

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Cultivation of daphnia and microfauna 250 ml

Freshwater microfauna rearing and seeding kit. The daphbio® freshwater daphnia and microfauna breeding kit is used to seed your aquarium with live micro-organisms crucial to your aquarium’s equilibrium, and to breed daphnia and microfauna to feed all your fish. To be used when you start your aquarium and every 2 months thereafter. The kit comprises daphnia, ostracods, cyclops, rotifera and other micro-organisms.   NB : sending a refrigerated parcel in hot weather.

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Micro Macro Life 250 ml

Living microorganisms and macro-organisms. Living soils: aeration, ploughing and maintenance, prevents root rot, beautiful roots, plant growth and colour, flowering. Activates and boosts fertilisers and minerals. Removes the greasy surface film. Recycles all organic matter, CO2, nitrogen, NO3 and PO4 from the aquarium. Guaranteed effects with Bactofresh! 

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Fresh-water anti-cyanobacteria kit 250 ml

Anti-cyanobacteria treatment for a fresh-water aquarium. Eliminates algae in your aquarium, and works effectively to fight against cyanobacteria. This product is 100% effective against cyanobacteria, red algae and green algae.

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Daphnia Food 250 ml

To feed your daphnia, microfauna, zooplankton and artemias in a culture with Cultivation of daphnia and microfauna. A greenish colour will appear in the container you have chosen for your culture.

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Daphnia & Live Microfauna 1L

For starting, seeding and reseeding after an episode of cyano, invasive brush algae or filamentous algae. Allows you to recreate the essential micro life in your aquarium and makes your soil and sand alive. Can be used monthly in your aquariums. NB : sending a refrigerated parcel in hot weather.

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Daphgrow life

Complete, natural, living fertilizer, free of any chemicals. Compatible with all aquariums and all approaches to maintenance.

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