daphbio the origins of life, a passion above all

Benoît Lo Cascio began fishkeeping at the age of 11, it was love at first sight! He almost never had an aquarium at home but he was doing his research in a fishroom. More than the fishkeeping, his true passion has always been living food for saltwater fish, freshwater and coral. Young, he was already conducting many experiments on this topic and discovered that living food had a significant impact on color, health and longevity of fish.

As years passed, his studies and his family life were still hinged on this research theme. His
notoriety was rising in the fishkeeping environment because of its presence at the conventions (which he no longer attends until he became professional). He also gave some lectures about his work and the fishkeeping .

Organic and controlled cultivation

Teaching in high school during the day; once home, he kept experimenting on the trophic nad food chains. He produced all kinds of algae, bacteria, freshwater and seawater micro-crustaceans .

Thirty years ago, he discovered that some algae had a great nutritive value, others less. He also discovered that some bacteria could be of great help for aquariums, while others were eaten since they were part of the trophic chain.

A rigorous and innovative works

Starting from an innovative idea to feed the corals in the aquarium, he worked in collaboration with specialized aquarium veterinarians, scientists and researchers; this work, through a process of research and continuous improvement allowed him to continue to innovate and develop new compositions and products. All this research encouraged him to produce reef aquarium nutrients, with a focus to meet the very specific needs of corals. Thus was born daphnie bio (soon to be Daphbio®).

The first products arrived on the market were vials of phytoplankton (Microfauna Booster®), bacteria (Bactoreef®) and enriched zooplankton (Zoo Booster®). But it was not that easy to preserve perishable products.

The rise of the Internet promoted Daphnie bio® and its knowledge. T
he diversification of freight companies allowed to sheep freshly harvested products to our customers. Thus Daphbio® was born.

Th uniqueness of Daphbio® is to provide its live products or re-activable.
Our business is to grow and sell products needfull for marine and reef aquariums health, whether during the launch (called boot) or the maturation phase.
To achieve this, we had a real knowledge acquired throughout years of study and research; nowaday this is still the case, Daphbio® still has a research activity and R & D.
We have the great honor and pleasure to be in partnership with the CNRS of Gif-sur-Yvette.

We also provide everything necessary to keep corals and other living creatures in good health; in an ORGANIC way. In 2016, a new inovation
will join our catalog : a freshwater microfauna kit.
We produce in south of France, so the "Made in France" as a real meaning.