For 20 years we have been pioneers in the cultivation of phytoplankton, zooplankton, bacteria and micro-organisms for marine, reef and freshwater aquaria.

Daphbio is a private aquatic research laboratory with the aim of advancing aquarium keeping.

Since its creation, Daphbio is the opposite of the industrial, manufactured, chemical and petrochemical products that flood the aquarium market!

We are the direct producers and distributors of our products but also the first users, we do not use subcontractors for their manufacture: we are responsible for our production.

Our cultures are 100% organic and without the use of fossil fuels. We do not use any fertilisers, preservatives or petrochemicals.

In addition, we benefit from spring water which we always use in the composition of our products. Located in the south of France, in a Natura 2000 zone, we promote the preservation of biodiversity.

As an innovative company, we always aim for excellence and efficiency.