How do you seed a reef aquarium?

Published : 2020-08-31 15:03:51
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How do you seed a reef aquarium?

Why might you want to reseed your reef or saltwater aquarium?

Over the decades, daphbio® has developed the idea that a marine reef aquarium with no microfauna just doesn’t work! Saltwater and reef aquarium keeping features the presence of micro life, microfauna and various micro-organisms vital for the good health and maintenance of a saltwater aquarium. Just as our digestive system needs bacteria and intestinal flora to absorb and eliminate nutrients, a reef and saltwater aquarium needs micro-organisms for proper development and growth. However, these microfauna have all kinds of predators – fish, coral and invertebrates. So it eventually disappears from a reef aquarium.

Using our daphbio® reseeding kit, you can seed or reseed the microfauna and the food chain as can be observed in the natural environment in reefs, with microfauna, micro-organisms, bacterioplankton and meiofauna.

How do you reseed an aquarium with the daphbio® reseeding kit and Bactoreef®?

Start the reseeding as soon as you receive the package:

  1. Add the entire bottle of meiofauna and microfauna eggs over two consecutive days, in the evening when your fish are asleep, with the skimmer switched off for 1 hour to all night.
  2. In the evening, use Microfauna Booster® (green label) and Zoo Booster® (blue label) with the skimmer switched off, for a period of one hour to overnight.
  3. When should you reseed the microfauna in your aquarium? Bearing in mind that microfauna is threatened by predators in the form of all the aquarium’s other occupants, we recommend reseeding microfauna on average every 3 months. It is preferable to do so before it dwindles too much or disappears completely.

Expert advice:

  • For optimum effectiveness, add Bactoreef® every morning, 1 ml per 100 litres of tank volume.
  • Coral Booster® is an excellent developer of microfauna. For best results, use Coral Booster® for short periods (60-ml bottles).

Keep the bottles in the fridge and shake them before use.

For Microfauna Booster and Zoo Booster, follow the dosages below for a month:

  • For nano-aquariums from 30 to 75 litres, pour 2.5 ml, 2 times a week.
  • For aquariums of 80 to 150 litres, pour 10 ml, 3 times a week.
  • For aquariums of 150 to 300 litres, pour 20 ml, 3 times a week.
  • For aquariums of 300 to 600 litres, pour 30 ml, 3 times a week.
  • From 600 to 1,000 litres, pour 40 ml, 3 times a week.

At the end of the first month, half the doses.