Bacteria to start, maintain and reset freshwater aquariums.

Bactofresh is used to start up an aquarium, obtain the right levels of chemical compounds, regulate the nitrogen cycle, reduce ammonia and nitrites, and eliminate waste matter by bio-digestion. 

Used in combination with Micro Macro Life, optimum decomposition of waste and aquarium plant growth will be obtained.

  For impeccable water, substrate and aquariums.  

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 Bactofresh: bacteria dedicated to your aquarium

Bactofresh is the ideal product for starting and maintaining your freshwater aquarium. It will keep the aquarium healthy by reducing ammonia and nitrites, converting them into reusable nitrates and nitrogen, and eliminating waste matter by bio-digestion. In maintenance and protection, Bactofresh maintains the balance of your freshwater aquarium and thereby avoids the proliferation of cyanobacteria and other invasive algae.  

Bactofresh bacteria activate themselves and multiply once poured into the aquarium. They are ideal whenever you initiate, start, reset or move your aquarium and for regular maintenance. It is the living core of the aquarium in the sand, the filtering medium, plant roots and the rocks. Bactofresh is also a solution for aquariums that are slightly overpopulated with fish.  

 Bactofresh is very economic as it combines all the functions offered by other bacteria-based products currently available on the fish-keeping market. And unlike one-shot or single-dose products, a minimum dose is enough to keep your aquarium in perfect health. A few drops are enough for maintenance purposes. Hygienic and practical, using the pipette will also enable you to economise on use of the product.

For demanding aquascapers, Amazonian, African and community aquariums.

Bactofresh is a live, 100% biological product!

Bactofresh is a concentrate of a broad range of live bacteria, specifically intended for a top quality freshwater aquarium. It consists of 20 different bacteria cultures, making a total of 28 billion nitrifying and denitrifying live bacteria specifically for freshwater aquariums.

Bactofresh is an innovative, biological, tailor-made, live product.

Bactofresh: a multi-purpose product

Bactofresh is used to:

  1.  Start up an aquarium  in 24 hours and to maintain any freshwater aquarium all year round.
  2. Completely eliminate ammonia, nitrites, waste and organic matter through bio-digestion.
  3.  Obtain clear, purified water, a clean aquarium, clean sand, and a larger population of fish and invertebrates.
  4. Combat depletion of the substrate and aquatic plant roots.
  5.  Prevent undesirable cyanobacteria and filamentous algae.
  6.  Economise: Bactofresh is highly concentrated, so a pipette makes for optimum usage. This is why small doses are enough to maintain your aquarium.
  7. Bactofresh is ideal when used in conjunction with Micro Macro Life to recreate the crucial substrate micro-ecosystem and for optimum assimilation of CO₂, NO₃ and PO₄ fertiliser and nitrogen by plants, to boost root and foliage growth. We guarantee Micro Macro Life’s beneficial effect. Your aquarium will be healthy with clear water, and clean rocks and sand. Roots will be in fine condition, and consequently your plants will be healthy and robust, for an aquarium free of any issues. 

Instructions for use and recommendations

Do not swallow.

For maintenance: pour directly into the aquarium: 2 pipettes or 3 ml per 100 litres of tank volume every 2 days, and when changing the water and cleaning the filters. For aquariums under 50 litres, add half a pipette.

For start-up: During the start-up phase, add 20 ml per 30 litres of water.

For more information, please see the technical sheet available as a PDF file at the bottom of the page.


To be kept at room temperature.

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    Good Bacteria for fresh water (Translated review)

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