Sable Marcorocks Bahama Aragonite


Aragonite is a carbonate, one of the two most common naturally-occurring crystalline forms of calcium carbonate, CaCO₃ (the other forms being calcite and vaterite). It is formed by biological and physical processes, including by precipitation in marine and freshwater environments.

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A 10.2 kg bag will fill 0.18 m² to a depth of about 4.5 cm.

MarcoRocks’ unique blend of particle sizes is specially formulated to offer the benefits of an anaerobic zone with less substrate depth than the other sand particle sizes. Including a few grains of a slightly larger size helps to keep the substrate in place if currents are strong.


For best results, rinse the sand before placing it in the aquarium. While not biologically necessary, this rinsing will help minimise opacification, although it is not dangerous. The fine particles are calcium carbonate which buffers the calcium and pH. Any opacification typically disappears once bacteria are introduced into your aquarium.