Organic food for your daphnia

Organic food for your daphnia

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When cultivating Daphnia with our Daphnia and Microfauna Kit, it is essential to feed your Daphnia with a live, organic and natural food in order to be in total harmony with the whole culture.

A real innovation for all your zooplankton, daphnia, freshwater microfauna and artemia.

After 35 years of breeding daphnids, micro-organisms and bacteria, Daphbio finally offers you a product adapted to feed them and always in a 100% organic way: without chemical or industrial products.

In order to facilitate this type of culture, we have chosen a colorimetric system. Indeed, on the bottle there is a coloured tablet: once this colour appears you can be sure that you have dosed correctly.

Faithful to its values: innovation and efficiency, Daphbio does its utmost to offer you products that are ever more effective and ever easier to use.

The aim here is to create a genuine natural and biological chain for your entire aquarium and its occupants, healthy maintenance and healthy food that will delight your tank!

Daphnia Food is available in several formats: 60ml, 250ml, 500ml and now in 1 litre to suit the size of your culture.

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