Daphnia Food


To feed your Daphnia, microfauna and zooplankton in a culture with Cultivation of daphnia and microfauna.

A greenish colour will appear in the container you have chosen for your culture.



Organic food for your daphnia, microfauna & zooplankton

Daphbio is convinced that an aquarium can be maintained with natural, organic products, without chemical or industrial products. That is why the laboratory has been researching for years to offer you new products like this one and to allow you to have a 100% organic circle. 


Pour the product every 15 days until you obtain a greenish colour, check the tablet on the bottle. 

This colorimetric dosing method makes it easier for you to determine the dosage. 

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The daphbio® freshwater daphnia and microfauna breeding kit is used to seed your aquarium with live micro-organisms crucial to your aquarium’s equilibrium, and to breed daphnia and microfauna to feed all your fish. The kit comprises daphnia, ostracods, cyclops, rotifera and other micro-organisms.   It is normal, at the reception, not to have a lot of daphnia otherwise they die from lack of oxygen and even some losses.  Don't worry, we put in seeded daphnia ready to spawn: be sure that once in their new habitat they will reproduce abundantly.

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