Anti-cyanobacteria kit

Anti-cyanobacterial treatment for seawater aquarium, reef tank or fresh water. Eliminate the algae present in your aquarium and fight effectively against cyano bacteria.

This product is 100% effective against cyanobacteria, red algae, green algae ...



The seawater cyanobacteria represent a real danger, in red, orange, violet, or green color, they stick to the substrate and emit toxins which eventually kill slowly and silently all inhabitants of your aquarium.
Since their first appearance we recommend performing anti cyanobacteria treatment from Daphbio® to let you overcome then cyanobacteria invasion.

Daphbio anti-cyanobacteria kit

Our anti-cyanobacteria kit is composed by a Microfaunebooster bootle and anti-cyanobacteria bacterias 250 ml bootle.

Up to to 200 liters tank

You will pour 30ml anti-cyanobacteria (transparent bottle) and 30 ml of Microfauna Booster® every evening for 5 or 6 days, skimmer switched off.
For aquariums up to 500 liters you will give 50 ml and 40 ml of anticyanobactéries Microfauna Booster® for 5 or 6 days.
At the end of the treatment you will complete the bottle Microfauna Booster® according to the recommended dosage on the label.

Warning: Do not filter with coal, in all its forms, for five days after anti-cyanobacteria treatment.

Effects of anti cyanobacteria kit

Your cyanobacteria will begin on the second day to show signs of weakness: they drop out and change color (they are agonizing.)
Often since the third day your cyanobacteria would have disappeared, then you will proceed to clean and change 5% of the water to remove dead residues.

In the most cases, a 5 to 6 days treatement will totally get rid of cyanobacteria.
You will proceed again at the end of treatment, a cleaning and change 5% of the water.

With our treatment against cyanobacteria, your corals, fish, invertebrates, quickly get back their beautiful colors. You will also get back your Microfauna.
We advise not to use enriched salt, or to make additions during the cyanobacteria interval.


Protocole anti-cyano

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