Bactoreef® 250 ml
  • Bactoreef® 250 ml



Bactoreef® combines everything your reef and saltwater aquarium needs in terms of bacteria. It cleans and recycles impurities, and digests waste matter by bio-digestion. If used continuously, it also serves to balance your NO₂, NO₃ and PO₄ levels.

Bactoreef® comprises live, diversified aerobic and anaerobic bacteria together with nitrifying and denitrifying enzymes and micro-organisms.

Very economical: 1ml per 100 litres of water ! 

Guaranteed effects when used in conjunction with Microfauna Booster®.

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Bactoreef®: bacteria dedicated to your aquarium 

Bactoreef® combines everything your reef and saltwater aquarium needs in terms of bacteria. An aquarium with no bacteria cannot work. Life is only established in our aquariums if bacteria are present. Bactoreef® is consequently ideal for cycling an aquarium at start-up, restart or reset, after moving, or changing the decor or post-transfer. It is also highly effective for maintaining an aquarium throughout the year, to prevent the appearance of cyanobacteria and all types of invasive algae. In fact, by means of its biological and nutritional competition, it prevents the development of cyanobacteria and harmful algae, be they encrusting, filamentous, benthic or pelagic algae (diatoms, valonia, derbesia and so on). They also help to reduce nitrates and phosphates, and regulate tank chemical levels in general. It cleans, recycles and digests aquarium waste matter by bio-digestion. You will very soon see clear, bright water.

Bactoreef® also clears your stones’ clogged pores and reinvigorates your sand. It keeps the pores and alveoli of stone free of clogging to enable them to breathe and it deep-cleans your sand to better nourish it and welcome microfauna. Bactoreef® bacteria will allow microfauna to grow and develop for a healthy aquarium. Bactoreef® feeds all kinds of coral in your saltwater or reef aquarium (LPS, SPS, soft coral, etc.) and keeps it all healthy.

 Bactoreef® can be used to start all types of saltwater and reef aquarium.

Bacteria’s role in a reef aquarium

The metabolism of LPS, SPS and soft coral means they need live bacteria in their food for digestion and growth. Their metabolism needs bacteria for better absorption of nutrients and minerals. All coral benefits enormously from regular use of Bactoreef®, a product that is crucial for coral’s growth and well-being.

Bactoreef® is a live and 100% biological product!

Bactoreef® is a 100% biological premium product, comprising live bacteria, enzymes, and micro-organisms specific to reef and saltwater aquariums. Our research lab means we are in a position to constantly enhance our products’ performance. Highly effective and multi-purpose, Bactoreef® is produced with the greatest care: a quality, live, biological product, concentrated for economy of usage.

Wishing to develop a product specifically for reef aquariums, daphbio® worked with a coral harvester to seek out specific bacteria, from seawater only. To ensure these bacteria’s effectiveness, an organic preservation process was chosen. And so Bactoreef® was born, with its broad spectrum of seawater bacteria, which reactivate and multiply as a matter of course once poured into the aquarium.

Instructions for use and recommendations 

1 ml per 100 litres of tank volume every day, or every 2 days for maintenance, in the morning or the evening. Shake before use.

 Do not swallow.

Microfauna Booster®: For optimum purification, we recommend combining Bactoreef® with Microfauna Booster®. The two products’ synergy exponentially increases the bacterial spectrum, and nourishes microfauna, micro-organisms, corals and all filtering organisms. Microfauna Booster® contains diverse cultures of phytoplankton, bacterio-plankton and bacteria. Combined, the two products will mean your aquarium contains bacteria, microfauna, micro-organisms, meiofauna and macrofauna.


To be kept at room temperature.

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Based on 329 reviews

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    Excellent for use with anticiano and reseeding microfauna (Translated review)

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    I'm going to try it out over a long period of one year. Up to now I've been adding twice a year. (Translated review)

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    Very good product ? (Translated review)

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    Excellent (Translated review)

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    Compliant (Translated review)

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    In addition to the anti-cyano treatment. Perfect. Provide a syringe for dosing (Translated review)

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    Great (Translated review)

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    Perfect (Translated review)

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    In progress (Translated review)

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    very good product (Translated review)

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