Starting and maintaining your aquarium with live products: the key to success

Starting and maintaining your aquarium with live products: the key to success

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Before starting your freshwater aquarium, make sure you have the best possible water quality for your occupants: free of silicates, NO3 or heavy metals.

In the beginning, the aquarium needs to be supported to go a little faster and to build up a well-diversified bacterial range, specific and essential to the aquarium. Afterward, this cycle will naturally create organic waste, so the aquarium must be filtered biologically and naturally to remove any toxic element for the fish. Adding Bactofresh live bacteria to your aquarium will start the fundamental process of the nitrogen cycle, our live bacteria and micro-organisms will convert ammonia into nitrates, essential to remove the toxicity of the elements in the aquarium.

This is why daphbio's live bacteria and live microorganisms are so important:

  • Bactofresh will sanitize the aquarium by reducing ammonia and nitrite to nitrates and nitrogen that can be reused directly by the plants while eliminating waste by bio-digestion. Bactofresh will also prevent the growth of cyanobacteria and invasive algae.
  • Micro Macro Life works directly within the soil, daphbio's living micro-organisms will aerate, loosen, maintain and bring to life the soil of your aquarium and enable plant growth. Our diverse micro-organisms and bacteria will deliver nutriments directly to the rootlets and root crowns. Micro Macro Life will boost the fertilizers and minerals present while removing the surface grease film and recycling organic matter and residues (CO2, nitrogen, NO3, PO4).

Indeed, in these two products, you will have several billions of diversified living bacteria and micro-organisms.

The advantage of our Bactofresh & Micro Macro Life freshwater starter and maintenance kit is that it will allow you to avoid reaching the toxicity threshold that would endanger your fishes and shrimps in your aquarium, to start up and then in a second phase, to maintain your aquarium. It prevents ammonia and nitrite peaks to preserve the occupants, and accelerates the nitrogen cycle, and keeps your aquarium flourishing over time.