The benefits of phytoplankton in a reef aquarium

The benefits of phytoplankton in a reef aquarium

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Daphbio is a pioneer and innovator: a living product that is much more effective than an industrial or powder product and ideal for starting, reseeding, maintaining, resetting or transferring the aquarium.

Phytoplankton is an essential link in the food chain, it is present in all marine environments and is the primary food web for living organisms. Daphbio has been a pioneer in the application of this type of product for aquariums, we are not really in favour of industrial products from the other side of the world, full of chemical preservatives.

As far as dry phytoplankton is concerned, everyone knows that it does not provide much in the way of food and that it also has the disadvantage of being very polluting.

The aim is to recreate an environment as close as possible to the original biotope, which is why we opt for a 100% living product made without petrochemical fertilisers, fossil fuels or chemical

But what is phytoplankton?

Phytoplankton refers to all living plant organisms suspended in water.

As with land plants, phytoplankton or "plant plankton" manufactures its substance from the carbon dioxide CO2 and the mineral salts contained in sea water, phosphates, potassium, nitrogen, silica, etc.

Here is a small explanatory diagram:

What is its role?

First of all, it is the source of oxygen for the Earth's atmosphere and thus enables the development of other life forms, including our own. Phytoplankton has the property of absorbing CO2 and releasing oxygen into the air, but also of forming a barrier that reduces the greenhouse effect.

It is the main basis of the food chain in the sea. No phytoplankton = no shellfish, no fish, no whales...

From phytoplankton cultures, many applications are possible, both in aquaculture, for the food of cultivated species but also cosmetics, wellness and biotechnology.

At Daphbio, phytoplankton cultivation is a 7/7 job and we have called our phytoplankton Microfaune Booster®, we are now in the third generation, each generation corresponding to an improvement of the product. Since then, we have constantly worked on it and improved it so that it is as effective as possible in your aquariums. We have a dedicated laboratory with researchers and doctors in phytoplankton and bacteria who participate in the improvement of our products. It is therefore the ideal product for the reef aquarium as it recreates the microfauna and prevents cyanobacteria, also helps to balance the right parameters, purifies the water and feeds all the corals. It contains a 100% organic mixture of different strains of phytoplankton, enzymes, bacterioplankton and denitrifying bacteria and, to a lesser extent, probiotics, which is the little extra that makes all the difference.

Microfauna Booster® third generation

In addition to recreating the trophic chain in your aquarium, Daphbio's seawater products will help you develop your microfauna.

Microfauna play a major role in your reef aquarium. Just as our digestive system needs a diverse microbiota, the aquarium needs a diverse and active microlife: the microfauna and meiofauna, which is essential and indicates the good health of the aquarium. Their presence tells us that everything is going well.

Microfauna are small white dots on the glass or running on the sand: branchions, copepods, isopods, micro shrimps, mysis, their absence should be a warning: something is missing and something is wrong.

Microfauna Booster® will also allow you to treat your tank against an attack of cyanobacteria, filamentous or encrusting algae. Phytoplankton have a natural ability to improve things in a reef aquarium.

We know today that cyanobacteria are deadly for the occupants of an aquarium, which is why it is essential to act as quickly as possible, as soon as a suspicious algae appears, inform yourself or contact us in order to enlighten you as well as possible.

Daphbio has created a 100% effective product for this purpose: the anti-cyanobacteria kit which consists of the Microfaune Booster® and the Anti-Cyano bottle.

However, to prevent the return of cyanobacteria it is important to feed your aquarium with bacteria and to pour Microfaune Booster® three times a week in the evening with the skimmer off. In combination with Microfaune Booster®, don't forget to add reef aquarium specific bacteria: Bactoreef® to maintain the aquarium and avoid problems.

For a beautiful aquarium use Bactoreef® and Microfaune Booster® all year round, the efficiency of our biological products cannot be matched by industrial products that are distributed in the aquarist's supermarkets, this is also partly what justifies its price.

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