The importance of live microfauna in a freshwater aquarium

The importance of live microfauna in a freshwater aquarium

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At Daphbio we have been talking about live microfauna for over 20 years now, simply because we know how important it is. Indeed, the micro-life of the seawater aquarium is essential, but we often forget that it is just as important in the freshwater aquarium.

What is the purpose of live microfauna in a freshwater aquarium? The emphasis has always been on the importance of bacteria in the freshwater aquarium, but the microfauna is just as important as bacteria. First of all, it must be differentiated from microscopic bacteria that reproduce by scissiparity (asexual reproduction by simple division of the organism), while microfauna is much larger. They reproduce by mating, cloning. The importance of microfauna in freshwater has often been underestimated in favour of microfauna in seawater, but it is clear today that a freshwater aquarium populated with microfauna will have great advantages.

What is the role of microfauna in a freshwater aquarium? Microfauna have many roles and benefits:

  • It is an excellent food for all the occupants of the freshwater aquarium (shrimps, fish, invertebrates, etc.) and even improves the microbiota inside the digestive system of your fish, for better health. It participates fully in the filtration of the aquarium, in addition to the bacteria, it is much more than an aid to the bacteria in the work of purification, filtration, nitrification.
  • It participates fully and 100% in the balance of the ecosystem of your aquarium.

However, the living microfauna does not appear in the aquarium by itself. This is why daphbio offers you its new product, the freshwater reseeding kit, to develop this important microfauna. The Freshwater Reseeding Kit will bring the entire freshwater food chain to your aquarium to create biological filtration. It is important to note that the microfauna will not be crushed in the filter and will be placed in all your filter systems as well as in the sand and technical soil.

Maintenance with our products specially designed to integrate this micro-life will give you peace of mind. Thanks to the freshwater reseeding kit, aquaristics becomes less restrictive, less time-consuming and much simpler. You will be able to space out the maintenance of your aquarium, less water changes will be necessary and you will be able to fight undesirable algae and cyanobacteria in a natural way. Our laboratory research has shown that the Freshwater Reseeding Kit can be used in all freshwater aquarium settings, without exception.

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