Zoo booster

Zoo Booster allows to reintroduce the zooplankton in the reef aquarium, feed the corals, fish and juvenile fish.

This is a set of different seawater zooplankton consumed by all the inhabitants of the reef aquarium.




  • For small aquaria, 30 to 75 liters, pour 2.5ml, twice a week.
  • For 80 to 150 liters aquaria, pour 10ml, 2 to 3 times a week.
  • For 150 to 300 liters aquaria, pour 20ml, 2 to 3 times per week.
  • For 300 to 600 liters aquaria, pour 30ml, 2 to 3 times per week.

The dosage is substantially the same as Microfauna Booster® with whom he combines perfectly, but nothing prevents you to add more.
We provide recommended dosage, but each aquarium is different; may be some aquaria react in a very positive way by distributing very little product and more often.

This is an essential element to reimplant the micro fauna and ensure the balance of your tank.

A product that activates life in the reef aquarium

Zoo Booster® contains spores and micro-crustacean eggs of different saltwater species which will reactivate in the aquarium, combined with Microfauna Booster® it wil increase its effectiveness.

An essential part of the trophic chain

Like Microfauna Booster® and Bactoreef®, Zoo Booster® is part of the food chain as one can find in the sea: Phyto / Zoo / Bacteria.

The importance of micro-fauna in seawater aquarium

Daphbio has worked since its creation to raise awareness of the extreme importance of living micro-fauna in the aquarium. And this is what guided him in the development of its product range.
Reef community unfortunately only became aware of that fact in the last years. Now, this notion finally became public.
Indeed, an aquarium with a complete food chain is a healthy aquarium.
Since its creation,
Daphbio advocated prevention rather than cure, providing special care to its micro fauna results in an aquarium that will not pose little or no problem.

A constantly evolving product

Before release on the market, our products are tested by testers internationally and some are anchors in the field of marine aquarium. Listening to their comments and advice as well as feedback from all our customers, we may proceed to modifications of our products to make them even more efficient.

Usage tips

We recommend using it with Microfauna Booster® and distribute them at the same time to reinforce the food chain and so giving young larvae contained in Zoo Booster® the nutriments through Microfauna Booster®.