Start-up & maintenance kit for freshwater aquariums 250 ml
  • Start-up & maintenance kit for freshwater aquariums 250 ml
  • Start-up & maintenance kit for freshwater aquariums 500 ml
  • Start-up & maintenance kit for freshwater aquariums 60 ml

Start-up & maintenance kit for freshwater aquariums


Living bacteria and micro-organisms for starting, maintaining and resetting freshwater aquariums.

The combination of Bactofresh and Micro Macro Life allows a living soil: aerated, ploughed and maintained, beautiful roots, plant growth and colour, prevents root rot.

Activates and boosts fertilisers and minerals.

Removes the greasy surface film.

Recycles organic matter, CO2, nitrogen, NO3 and PO4 from the aquarium. Reduces ammonia and nitrites, eliminates waste by bio-digestion.

Maintain, and start, with this kit for impeccable water, soil and aquarium.

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Bactofresh and Micro Macro Life: guaranteed effects!

The daphbio starter kit is a major and essential innovation in the world of freshwater aquariums! It will enable you to start your aquarium without failure and without any difficulty. Thanks to our products, you will create a real trophic chain that will cycle your aquarium very quickly, without the usual inconveniences: nitrite peaks, fish mortality ...  

In synergy this allows :

  1. To start and maintain your aquarium in the rule book and without failure!
  2. Reduce the frequency of water changes and manual intervention in the aquarium, while obtaining crystal-clear, odourless water.
  3. An unequalled and optimal assimilation by plants of fertilisers, minerals, CO2, decomposing matter, fish waste, debris of all kinds, micro and macro nutrients, which are then bio-digested and redistributed to plant roots in the form of nitrogen and CO2 to effectively combat suffocation of the soil and the roots of aquatic plants. Photosynthesis and root growth will be amazing.
  4. To purify and balance the water parameters, and also to help the development of the biofilm so much appreciated by the shrimp.
  5. Ideal for feeding a strain of daphnia or freshwater microfauna in an aquarium or pond.
  6. To remove ammonia, nitrites, waste and organic matter perfectly by bio-digestion.

Bactofresh has everything your aquarium needs in terms of bacteria!

It is the ideal product for starting and maintaining your freshwater aquarium. It sanitises the aquarium by reducing ammonia and nitrite to reusable nitrates and nitrogen and by bio-digesting waste materials. In maintenance and prevention, Bactofresh balances your freshwater aquarium and prevents the growth of cyanobacteria and other invasive algae. The Bactofresh bacteria are activated and multiply when poured into the aquarium. They are at the heart of aquarium life in sand, filter media, plant roots and rocks. Bactofresh is also a solution for aquariums that are a little too crowded with fish. It is a very economical product because it combines all the functions of the other bacterial products currently on the aquarium market. Moreover, unlike single-dose or one-shot products, a minimal dosage will be sufficient to keep your aquarium in perfect health. For maintenance, a few drops are enough! Hygienic and practical, the use of the pipette will also allow you to save on product costs.

Micro Macro Life: Shining plants!

A tailor-made, innovative, organic and living product ideal for all freshwater aquariums (community, specific, Amazonian, African, with plants) and for aquascaping. To recreate the specific freshwater micro-life in aquarium soils to stimulate root and foliage growth of aquatic plants. This product brings the predigested nutrients directly to the roots of the plants. Micro Macro Life will maintain the health of plant roots to give you an aquarium of unparalleled beauty. There is no risk of toxicity to the occupants of the aquarium. 

Composition: 100% organic living products!

Drawing on its experience in the field, the daphbio® laboratory has selected specific micro-organisms and bacteria to perfectly meet the requirements of your freshwater aquarium. These are 100% organic live bacteriological products. Bactofresh is made up of 20 different strains of bacteria, representing 28 billion live bacteria specific to the freshwater aquarium, both nitrifying and denitrifying.

Instructions for use and advice for use

The start-up and maintenance protocol is available at the bottom of the page. The dosage is different between a start-up and a daily maintenance use of the products, that is why the dosages noted on the bottles are different from those prescribed in our start-up protocol. 

It is essential to differentiate between a start-up and a maintenance: indeed, during a start-up the dosage will be higher. Once you have completed your start-up protocol, refer to the dosages on the bottles for daily maintenance of your freshwater aquarium. 

Do not swallow.

Bactofresh :

For maintenance: Pour directly into the aquarium: 2 pipettes or 3 ml per 100 litres every 2 days and when changing water and cleaning the filter media. For aquariums of less than 50 litres, pour ½ pipette. For start-up: During the start-up steps, pour 20 ml per 30 litres of water. 

Micro Macro Life :

Pour 2 ml per 10 litres twice a week. Multiply the quantity of product according to the size of your aquarium:

  • 4 ml per 20 litres - twice a week.
  • 6 ml per 30 litres - twice a week.
  • 8 ml for 40 litres - twice a week.
  • 10 ml for 50 litres - twice a week.
  • 20 ml for 100 litres - twice a week.

A measuring cap is now supplied with the Micro Macro Life


Bactofresh can be stored at room temperature and Micro Macro Life in the refrigerator.

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Based on 107 reviews

  • 5

    I've been using it for almost a year now and have found a remarkable improvement in my aquarium (Translated review)

  • 5

    Perfect for starting up my new aquarium and maintaining my old one (Translated review)

  • 5

    Very good product. (Translated review)

  • 5

    5 STARS (Translated review)

  • 5

    5 (Translated review)

  • 5

    Super, it's also used to maintain my bins. (Translated review)

  • 5

    Good product nothing to say efficient (Translated review)

  • 5

    Great product, nothing to say (Translated review)

  • 5

    Rapid cycling, optimal microbial development. (Translated review)

  • 5

    Great product! (Translated review)

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