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Shelf Rock MarcoRocks


Welcome to the dawn of stable, architectural aquascaping. The top is natural and the bottom is smooth, making it the perfect choice for building a reef landscape. Use these pieces to start your aquascape. The flat bottom provides a firm first layer from which to build your aquascape.

Rocks seeded and cycled by us, ready to use!

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(€15.00 par kilo)

MarcoRocks stones:

MarcoRocks stones are the finest aquarium rocks available on the market.

Entirely natural, the rocks are sourced from a rocky reef that was previously alive.


Roche de carbonate de calcium naturel.

These stones have never been treated with chemicals or additives. They are certified pest-free and harmless.

For information, you can usually spot fossilized ancient corals in the rocks.

The stones are inoculated with bacteria before being sent. However, they need microfauna afterwards, which is why the starter kit is essential when buying stones.

Shelf Rock MarcoRocks

This stone lends itself to creating a perfect shelf setting reminiscent of a multi-level reef scene. For best results, place these rocks on top of Reefsaver foundation rocks.

  • All-natural calcium carbonate rock
  • No chemicals or additives
  • Parasite and biological free

Environmentally friendly sustainable rock

The rock is a sustainable and environmentally friendly product, as it is not harvested from a marine environment, it does not have a negative impact on delicate reefs or the marine ecosystem.

The choice of professional reef builders

Whether you are building a saltwater only aquarium, a reef tank or even reptile environments, you will love this stone and so will your pets.  

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