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Food capsules for all of your reef and saltwater aquarium’s occupants.

Food for soft coral, SPS, LPS, mandarins, small delicate fish, shrimps, microfauna, meiofauna and bacteria.

Sachet of 20 capsules from 2 to 800 microns.

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Total Nutrition: Feed all of your aquarium’s occupants!  

Total Nutrition is aquarium food perfectly suited to SPS, LPS, soft corals, mandarins, small delicate fish, shrimps, microfauna, meiofauna and bacteria.

Total Nutrition directly feeds the aquarium’s entire food chain in a uniform way, and acts directly on the coral’s colour and growth.

This product is greatly appreciated by microfauna. Total Nutrition increases good bacteria, microfauna, meiofauna and enzymes. In this way, your coral, fish and shrimps will find a wide variety of microscopic food they can easily absorb. The capsules are high in calcium, magnesium and minerals of plant and phytoplankton origin.  

Total Nutrition is more easily absorbed by coral, mandarins and all the occupants of the aquarium. Unlike a chemical product that has the added risk of side effects, Total Nutrition is biological food to meet the aquarium’s needs.

Composition of daphbio® Total Nutrition  

Comprises algae, microalgae, micro-crustaceans, magnesium, calcium, minerals, carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins A, B, B1, B2, B3, C, D and E.

Sachet of 20 powder capsules from 2 to 800 microns.

Instructions for use and recommendations

Dilute the capsule contents in a few drops of water to obtain a uniform paste. Use fresh. Once rehydrated, do not store. 
Switch the skimmer off (if your aquarium so allows) for a period of between one hour and overnight.

Recommended dosage:

  • From 30 to 75 litres: ¼ capsule per week.
  • From 80 to 200 litres: ¼ to ½ a capsule per week.
  • From 200 to 500 litres: ½ capsule per week.
  • From 600 to 1200 litres: 1 capsule per week.

Each aquarium is different. The user guidance given above has been established by various testers. The dosage may nonetheless differ from one aquarium to another (depending on the number of coral and fish, and the amount of microfauna and bacteria). The golden rule is also that all food must be consumed (from the fastest to the slowest: fish, coral, microfauna and bacteria) so as not to generate pollution. Stop or reduce the dosage by 30% if you do not change your water regularly.

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    Very good product. After a very short time, the aquarium changed its face. (Translated review)

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    An explosion of life (Translated review)

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    the shrimp go crazy as soon as I put it in if it were smaller tablets I would have no problem splitting it (Translated review)

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    Very economical product (Translated review)

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    Super (Translated review)

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