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Total Coral Care feeds the corals and occupants of your saltwater and reef aquarium (soft coral, LPS and SPS corals, etc.) to perfection.

Total Coral Care contains 3 daphbio® products: Coral Booster® (amino acids, proteins and vitamins)Bactoreef® (live seawater bacteria) and Total Nutrition (algae, microalgae, magnesium).

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Daphbio® Total Coral Care: Blooming coral in great health  

These complementary products, used with each other, deliver a positive effect on your coral’s growth, colour and health.

Coral Booster® :  to feed your coral, maintain its colour, and help support its growth and general good health. Coral Booster® is an innovative, unique and complete supplement for coral, targeting all of coral’s food needs. Coral Booster® contains proteins, amino acids, vitamins A, C and D, DHA and BHA and finely dosed probiotic bacteria.  

Bactoreef®: Bactoreef® is a collection of live seawater bacteria for aquarium start-up or maintenance. It regulates the cycle of biological nitrogen, NO₃ and PO₄, and eliminates waste matter.

Total Nutrition : easily absorbed food capsules for all of your aquarium’s occupants. Total Nutrition is enriched with magnesium, micro-algae and calcium

This kit contains 250 ml of Coral Booster®, 60 ml of Bactoreef® and 10 Total Nutrition capsules.

Instructions for use and recommendations  

Shake before use. Do not swallow.  

Combined use of Coral Booster®, Bactoreef® and Total Nutrition is very straightforward: 2 or 3 times per week, mix 1 ml of Bactoreef® + 1 ml of Coral Booster® + ¼ capsule of Total Nutrition with some aquarium water so as to obtain a liquid emulsion. Add this emulsion in the evening after turning off. It is advisable to stop the skimmer for 30 to 60 minutes after use.

If you do not make use of all the prepared solution, it cannot be kept.

Do not add other bacteria-based products or bacteria activators. .


Coral Booster® should be kept in the refrigerator upon delivery, and Bactoreef® at room temperature.

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