Sea salt Instant Ocean 10 x 2kg
  • Sea salt Instant Ocean 10 x 2kg

Sea salt Instant Ocean 10 x 2kg


Sea salt that can be used to prepare 600 litres of saltwater at a density of 1.020

Changing the water is often required when starting or reseeding an aquarium, and for anti-cyanobacteria treatments, so you would do well to choose the best solution for you. Instant Ocean salt offers many benefits and unparalleled expertise, which combines very well with our product range.  

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Instant Ocean has been formulating and producing marine salt with the greatest care since 1964. Each ingredient used in Instant Ocean’s composition is selected and tested. Every batch is analysed to ensure that all the important elements have been blended flawlessly.

Dissolves extremely thoroughly

  • Dissolves in just a few minutes.
  • Can be used immediately.
  • The required pH value is quickly reached and then maintained.

Complete formula

  • Used to reconstitute the ideal environment to raise and keep all marine organisms, even the most demanding.
  • Contains all the major, minor and essential trace elements.

Granules of uniform size

  • Standard quality guaranteed.

No other products required

  • Easy to use.
  • Every batch is analysed to ensure that all elements are present.
  • Raw materials from prehistoric salt mines in Lorraine, France.
  • Zero pollution.
  • Entirely environmentally friendly.

More information available on: Aquarium Systems

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Based on 4 reviews

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    GOOD MOTO (Translated review)

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    Excellent (Translated review)

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    Very fine salt that dissolves immediately good results (Translated review)

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    Well (Translated review)

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