How to start a freshwater aquarium?

How to start a freshwater aquarium?

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Before starting your freshwater aquarium, make sure you have good quality water, as healthy as possible, for your occupants: without silicates, NO3 or heavy metals.

At the start, the aquarium needs to be supported to operate an optimal cycle and to build up a well-diversified bacterial range, specific and indispensable to the aquarium. This cycle will then naturally create organic waste. The aquarium must therefore be filtered biologically and naturally in order to eliminate all elements that are toxic for the fish.

Then use our freshwater aquarium starter & maintenance kit!

Bactofresh: Pour 20 ml per 30 litres of water.

Micro Macro Life: Pour 2 ml per 10 litres, once  a week.

Multiply the amount of product according to the size of your aquarium:

  • 4 ml for 20 litres - once a week.
  • 6 ml for 30 litres - once  a week.
  • 8 ml for 40 litres - once  a week.
  • 10 ml for 50 litres - once  a week.
  • 20 ml for 100 litres - once  a week.