The solution to the old bin syndrome

The solution to the old bin syndrome

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Finally the solution to the old tank syndrome! 

Regular episodes of cyanobacteria, filamentous and encrusting algae or undesirable algae, bad parameters such as high No3 in4 as well as corals that no longer grow or grow poorly, the absence of microfauna for several months... Stones and sand that are too old are often responsible for this syndrome and these numerous inconveniences. 

It is very important to act as soon as possible to avoid a crash or a considerable loss of corals and fish. Through extensive research and testing, Daphbio has found a solution to this syndrome and offers you a complete reset with the Reseeding Kit, Bactoreef® bacteria and new Marcorocks. 

Resetting the aquarium is one of Daphbio's specialties. They have mastered this practice to perfection for more than ten years and offer you the opportunity to avoid an aquarium disaster thanks to their experience and their reseeding kit and Bactoreef® bacteria. 

The procedure is quite simple! 

  1. Do not change the water in the aquarium 1 month before the reset.
  2. Remove the old stones from the aquarium, recover the corals and fish.
  3. Replace the old stones with Marcorocks that have been seeded and cycled by the Daphbio laboratory. Replace the corals on the new stones with the assurance of no loss.
  4. For two months, add Bactoreef® every day, Zoo Booster® every evening and Microfaune Booster® two to three times a week. The dosage according to the number of litres is clearly indicated on the bottles.
  5. Reduce the doses by half at the end of the first month of treatment.

Daphbio offers first-class Marcorocks, and inoculates them with specific bacteria in its ponds for rapid, high-quality cycling. The synergy of the two guarantees a total absence of pests. 

Daphbio has tested these stones for years to verify the effectiveness of the fusion with its products and can therefore assure that they are ideally compatible with the reseeding kit and even promote its effectiveness. Given their quality, only 10-15% of the water volume is required. 

Customers from all over the world who have followed Daphbio's advice have succeeded without a hitch and have been able to reclaim their tanks!

Daphbio, 100% organic cultures

Over the years, Daphbio has been able to prove the quality of its products and to introduce innovative biological maintenance techniques, as well as to highlight the importance of specific bacteria in reef aquaria, and the importance of living microfauna in an aquarium. 

Direct producers and distributors of its own products, "made in France", Daphbio, located in the south of France, in the Natura 2000 area, uses spring water for the composition of its products and does not use any fossil fuels, fertilisers, preservatives or petrochemical products. 

Article written by L@b.Bio. 

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