Coral Booster

To feed your corals, deepen colors and participate in their growth and good health.

Coral Booster® is a complete food for corals, innovative and unique, targeting all the food needs of corals.




In a 200 liters aquarium, pour 2ml, 2 or 3 times per week.

Shake before use, pour the product, switch off the lights at night or early morning, wait one hour before turning on the neon lights.

It's also better to stop the skimmer for 15 to 30 minutes after the distribution.
If your corals pop their polyps and they are moving, they are hunting their food. If this is not the case, stop the distribution of food, corals are probably in a nutritionally rest period (which can last up to ten days).


No shelf life but an opened bottle should be used without interruption.

For vibrant and healthy corals

With this new all inclusive product, it is no longer necessary to add external inputs of minerals, micronutrients and amino acids.
Ideal for acclimatization in a new aquarium or cuttings, deeper colors, strengthening the corals' immune defenses, effective in disease prevention and a guaranteed growth.


Protocoles d'utilisation

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