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Daphbio® products 3-pack 250 ml
  • Daphbio® products 3-pack 250 ml

Daphbio® products 3-pack


The 3-pack of daphbio® products deeply nourishes filtering organisms, sponges, gorgonians and symbiotic and non-symbiotic corals by recreating the natural food chain. 

Comprising phytoplankton, zooplankton, amino acids, trace elements, essential minerals, vitamins A, C and D, finely dosed probiotic bacteria, and BHA.

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Daphbio® products 3-pack: the full range for your aquarium  

These living products, essential to your aquarium, each complement the others with phytoplankton, zooplankton and general enrichment. They synergise to provide all the supplements your reef aquarium needs. If they find a sheltered spot to develop, these living micro-organisms will build the proper natural food chain in your aquarium.

Zoo Booster®   

Zoo Booster® reintroduces zooplankton into a reef aquarium and feeds corals, fish and fry. It will also nourish certain filtering organisms (sponges, clams, sea squirts) and maintain zooplankton development.  

See the Zoo Booster® product information sheet

Microfauna Booster® 

Microfauna Booster® will provide new phytoplankton and bacterio-plankton cultures and enzymes for your aquarium. Microfauna Booster® reseeds microfauna and micro-organisms. In fact, its biological molecules rich in proteins, micro-algae and bacteria specific to reef aquariums, reactivate microfauna, micro-organisms, bacteria and bacterio-plankton. Microfauna Booster® nourishes all the occupants of your seawater aquarium: hard and soft corals, anemones, tridacna clams, fan worms, clams, live or dead rocks, sand, microfauna and bacteria. It is very much appreciated by demersal fish, filtering organisms and micro-crustaceans, and is perfectly adapted to symbiotic and non-symbiotic corals, and sponges. .

See the Microfauna Booster® product information sheet.

Coral Booster®

Feeding with poor quality live prey is a waste of effort. Prey should be well nourished, as it is itself then rich in nutrients that the predator will absorb. Which is why enrichment using Coral Booster® is vital. Comprising amino acids, trace elements, essential minerals, vitamins A, C and D, finely dosed probiotic bacteria, as well as BHA, the product deeply nourishes filtering organisms, sponges, gorgonians and symbiotic and non-symbiotic corals. .

See the Coral Booster® product information sheet 

Visible effects and fast!

The water will stay clear, despite the enrichment, because the products are free of pollutants. Any dead prey will be removed by the skimmer, or decomposed by the aquarium’s nitrophilous bacteria. The bacteria plus the nitrogen and carbon elements present in Coral Booster® boost and accentuate the biological filtration of live rocks and fluidised bed filtration systems, such as biopellets or activated carbon bacteria reactors. The fauna in refugium tanks also benefits from this enrichment and the presence of the live micro-organisms (bacteria, phytoplankton and zooplankton) that our products contain. Corals will be stronger and look much better when Coral Booster® is added, delivering high-intensity colours, optimum growth, stronger immune systems and protection against some diseases.

Choosing the right size

- For an aquarium of 30 to 70 litres, use the daphbio® 3-pack in 60-ml size products.

- For an aquarium of 70 to 150 litres, use the daphbio® 3-pack in 250-ml size products.

- For an aquarium of 150 to 500 litres, use the daphbio® 3-pack in 500-ml size products.

- An aquarium of 500 to 1,000 litres in size needs two 500-ml packs of 3 daphbio® products (the packs come in litre bottles).

For larger aquariums, we recommend that you contact us directly at +33 (0)4 22 44 22 71.

Instructions for use and recommendations

Shake before use.

Coral Booster® :Add 2 ml per 100 litres of tank volume, 2 or 3 times per week. We recommend turning the skimmer off for an hour, or even overnight, when adding the product to your tank, preferably in the evening or early morning.

Zoo Booster® et Microfaune Booster® :

  • For nano-aquariums from 30 to 75 litres, pour 2.5 ml, 2 times a week.
  • For aquariums of 80 to 150 litres, pour 10 ml, 2 or 3 times a week.
  • For aquariums of 150 to 300 litres, pour 20 ml, 2 or 3 times a week.
  • For aquariums of 300 to 600 litres, pour 30 ml, 2 or 3 times a week.


Keep the products in the refrigerator upon delivery. Once a bottle has been opened, it is preferable to use it up without interruption.  

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    the basis of my marine aquarium protocol, very good long-term products, an indispensable ally for my reef aquarium. (Translated review)

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    Perfect (Translated review)

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    Always outstanding products (Translated review)

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    Outstanding (Translated review)

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    ?. (Translated review)

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    super product (Translated review)

  • 5

    Outstanding products (Translated review)

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    Since I've been feeding them consistently, the tank has been transformed (Translated review)

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    PRODUCED IN A TEST VESSEL (Translated review)

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    Perfect (Translated review)

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