Live meiofauna microfauna
  • Live meiofauna microfauna

Live meiofauna microfauna


For maintenance, seeding, reseeding or starting your reef aquarium, or after infestation by cyanobacteria, or filamentous or invasive algae.

Comprising different cultures of microfauna and meiofauna eggs, certified as harmless, to recreate all the diverse microfauna and the food chain so essential for saltwater reef aquariums.  

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Daphbio® Microfauna: a unique product for your reef aquarium  

Daphbio®: an innovative trailblazer! We have known for more than 30 years that a reef aquarium with no microfauna just doesn’t work. The necessity for microfauna in saltwater reef aquariums, in particular when starting your reef aquarium and for proper aquarium maintenance by reseeding, is little-known in France. Daphbio® live microfauna and meiofauna serve to create, or recreate, the food chain that is so crucial to your aquarium. Daphbio® offers high-quality, diverse live microfauna, crucially seeded with meiofauna and bacterio-plankton, to culture your natural or inert stones, and to feed your fish and invertebrates such as corals and gorgonians. Our microfauna is perfectly well suited to delicate fish such as mandarins: Synchiropus picturatus (the dragonet) and Synchiropus splendidus. This product is ideal too for refugiums and settling tanks. .

Daphbio® microfauna and meiofauna eggs: available in 1-litre bottles suited to aquariums between 60 and 4,000 litres in size. It is not possible to overdose the tank with this product, even a nano-aquarium.

A live, 100% biological product!  

Daphbio® microfauna is a work of art, honed by long experience. We combine all the diverse microfauna, the whole food chain essential for saltwater and reef aquariums in one bottle: microfauna (copepods, brachion, rotifers, nematode/white grubs), micro-organisms, meiofauna and bacterioplankton.  

We harvest seeded microfauna, meaning it is ready to lay and so culture your aquarium. Our cultures, which are particularly resistant to extreme temperatures and being transported, are specially grown biologically.

Instructions for use and recommendations

When you receive your bottle of reef or saltwater microfauna and meiofauna, pour the bottle in two goes when your fish are sleeping, with the skimmer switched off from 1 hour up to the whole night.

When starting an aquarium, refer to this protocol.

This bottle is recommended with the reef aquarium reseeding kit and with the saltwater aquarium start-up kit, or after a cyanobacteria episode.

For successful aquarium seeding or start-up, we advise you to use this product in conjunction with:


Keep in the refrigerator.

Return the bottle to room temperature before pouring into the aquarium.

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Based on 77 reviews

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    Top (Translated review)

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    Very good product ?? Works 1A (Translated review)

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    Excellent (Translated review)

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    Just follow the instructions and you'll have 1 aquarium to deal with. (Translated review)

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    Quality microfauna My tank has been doing wonderfully since I started using it. I recommend this product. (Translated review)

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    Worked well, my lyre fish finds food (Translated review)

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    Very good product (Translated review)

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    I can't see it with the naked eye yet, but I'm confident because daphbio got rid of the cyano in less than a week. (Translated review)

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    A useful, healthy, effective strain from the best of DAPHBIO, for everyone to use at home without reservation! (Translated review)

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    Ok (Translated review)

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