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Daphgrow life

Complete, natural, living fertilizer, free of any chemicals. Compatible with all aquariums and all approaches to maintenance.

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Daphnia & Live Microfauna 1L

For starting, seeding and reseeding after an episode of cyano, invasive brush algae or filamentous algae. Allows you to recreate the essential micro life in your aquarium and makes your soil and sand alive. Can be used monthly in your aquariums. NB : sending a refrigerated parcel in hot weather.

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Total Coral Care

Total Coral Care feeds the corals and occupants of your saltwater and reef aquarium (soft coral, LPS and SPS corals, etc.) to perfection. Total Coral Care contains 3 daphbio® products: Coral Booster® (amino acids, proteins and vitamins), Bactoreef® (live seawater bacteria) and Total Nutrition (algae, microalgae, magnesium).

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Sea salt Instant Ocean 10 x 2kg

Sea salt that can be used to prepare 600 litres of saltwater at a density of 1.020 Changing the water is often required when starting or reseeding an aquarium, and for anti-cyanobacteria treatments, so you would do well to choose the best solution for you. Instant Ocean salt offers many benefits and unparalleled expertise, which combines very well with our product range.  

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Bactokoï 1 l

Bacteria for starting, restarting and maintaining your pond. Bactokoï contributes to biological balance by eliminating nitrites, ammonia, algae and sludge, and so supports pond filtration. Used to prevent disease in cold-water fish.

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